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Membership Renewal Update

CAJPA Members:

Thank you for your continued support of the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA). CAJPA is completing the end of the 18-month dues cycle which transitioned our fiscal year and renewal cycle to match! Recognizing the change in our renewal cycle was beneficial to CAJPA but may be a challenge to our members, CAJPA’s leadership decided to give members and extra six months of membership free!

CAJPA continues to focus on its pillar programs – accreditation, professional development and training and legislative advocacy. We continue to work to elevate the understanding of public entity risk sharing pools within the Legislature and the general public. This year we launched our collaborative effort with AGRiP to develop a virtual online program called the Pooling Academy. CAJPA also continued its Tort Liability Data Analysis Project with a goal of achieving some level of public entity tort reform. We gathered resources to assist us members navigate during the COVID-19 pandemics and mitigate the impact to our risk sharing pools and their members. We had to pivot at the last minute to move our flagship annual conference held in Lake Tahoe into an unique collaborative virtual event (with AGRiP and NLC-Risk) called Pooling Today. Even with all of these disruptions, CAJPA held a steady course on moving all of our pillars forward and remained a strong voice in the Capitol on legislation that would effect our members.

Please be sure to renew your CAJPA members by December 31, 2020. With this new membership cycle, your pool will be a member in good standing through 2021.

By remaining a member of CAJPA, your pool is supporting our impactful legislative advocacy efforts in the Capitol and with regulatory agencies. Your membership allows for reduced registration fees (at all of CAJPA’s events) for all of the pool’s governing officials and staff. Your pool representatives will receive timely information on best practices, events, legislative efforts and more! Staying a part of California’s premier public entity risk sharing association, keeps you connected to your peers which is vital in today’s fast-paced world.
We hope to see representatives from your organization at our upcoming events such as the 2020 Virtual Legislative Update and Legal Affairs Briefing, Summit Series online governance track and CEO forum and many more events in the future. CAJPA provides our members with the tools they need to have a successful risk sharing pool and more.

Watch for your 2021 CAJPA dues renewal notice later this month!