Certifications & Designations

Essentials in Risk Pool Management Course (ERPM)

CAJPA has partnered with AGRiP, the National League of Cities – Risk Information Sharing Consortium (NLC-RISC) and the Insurance Educational Association (IEA) to provide members with a one-course certificate program. This course is designed to help risk management staff administer or manage risk management pools. The ERPM course curriculum provides participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Visit the IEA website for additional information. This course qualifies for the CAJPA Joseph Farrell Memorial Scholarship.

Associate in Risk Pool Management (ARPM) Designation

The concept of the Associate in Risk Pool Management (ARPM) designation began several years ago on the CAJPA Board of Directors as a means to ensure a succession of qualified individuals would be available to support and direct pooling in the coming years. The designation is earned by taking the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) series of three classes and two additional classes, ARPM 601: Essentials of Risk Pool Management and 602: Business Related Work Project or Professional Interview. These courses are intended to provide candidates with a background in risk management, risk financing, legal concepts, financial and actuarial matters, governance and strategic planning. The ARPM 602 course is specifically designed to provide candidates with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and build professional networks through the completion of either a business-related work project or a series of interviews with existing pool managers. Once the classes have been completed successfully, the candidate must participate in continuing education to maintain the designation. If you would like more information about this program, please contact the CAJPA office or visit the IEA website.


For additional information, read Public Entity Pooling - Built to Last.