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The risk-sharing pool industry is complex and always changing. Keeping up with the changes and maintaining up-to-date skills are important for risk-sharing pool staff to be successful The Pool Professionals Program is part of the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) Summit Series and is designed to support and advance risk-sharing pool staff by providing them with technical expertise to become specialists in their respective fields.

The program includes several different tracks such as finance, claims, risk management, administration, human resources, loss prevention and technology. Additionally, the program expands on CAJPA’s Spring Workshop and Litigation, Insurance and Tort Liability (LITL) Program by offering a finance certification.

The Pool Professionals’ Program agenda is intended to be fluid and will continue to evolve as pool professionals’ needs change.


  • Risk-sharing pool professional and technical staff, including finance staff, claims-processing staff, risk-management staff, loss-prevention staff, etc.
  • Prospective risk-sharing pool staff intending to become an expert in the field
  • Staff members supporting risk-sharing pool executives
  • Others interested in learning more about specific areas of risk-sharing pools


The Pool Professionals Program sets the educational standard for risk-pooling staff, and attendees will experience a well-rounded, in-depth view of all aspects of the risk-sharing pool industry. A few elements of the curriculum include:

  • A certificate of achievement for finance professionals
  • Expansion of the current LITL Program to include workers’ compensation
  • Risk-management training
  • Webinars highlighting the Brown Act, California Fair Political Practices Commission’s requirements, etc.
  • Review of human resources’ trends in the risk-sharing pool industry
  • A loss-prevention focus
  • An emphasis on technology requirements