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Program Flyer - pdf

In an effort to support all levels of risk-sharing pool professionals, the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) will provide the Current CEO Program to chief executive officers (CEOs) and general managers who are the leaders and change makers of risk-sharing pools.

This CAJPA Summit Series program will include a high-profile keynote speaker and a facilitated round-table discussion on common challenges faced by individuals in a leadership role in addition to emerging trends in the risk-sharing community.

During these intensive discussions, strategies and techniques for developing teams, improving communication with others, coaching staff, moving through change and leading effectively may be addressed. By design, the facilitated discussion will be dynamic and organic allowing for the best and the brightest in the industry to engage with one another and exchange experiences and lessons learned.

This program is part of the CAJPA Summit Series, and attendees will walk away with a complete understanding of their roles and responsibilities in governing risk-sharing pools.


  • Current risk-sharing pool CEOs
  • General Managers in the risk-sharing pool industry
  • Key staff leadership


Program attendees will be reminded of the leadership value of looking at the big picture in pooling and learn how to motivate and engage board and staff members to take the agency to the next level. They also will acquire job skills and expertise (insurance, underwriting, management, leadership, etc.) to further advance their abilities.

The educational program will provide individuals with expanded skill sets and advanced leadership techniques. Additionally, it will allow CEOs to continue developing skills and expertise in a wide variety of areas, including insurance, underwriting, management and leadership.

A few elements of the curriculum include:

  • Leadership principles
  • Marketing and communicating return on investment
  • Market and emerging trends
  • Legal, legislative and regulatory Impacts
  • Public finance
  • Data collection and analytics