Workers Compensation Platform

CAJPA supports legislation that preserves the original intent of the workers’ compensation system:  to deliver prompt and fair benefits to workers who are injured on the job.  We believe that the system should promote employee health, function and return to work.  We resist legislation that would result in increased litigation; excessive costs; expansion of injury “presumptions” for special classes of employees; or erosion of workers’ compensation as the exclusive remedy for work-related injuries.

CAJPA Supports:

  • Continued enforcement of workers’ compensation as the exclusive remedy for injuries arising out of and in the course of employment.
  • Consistent application of the AOE/COE standard for determining what injuries are covered, for all employees.
  • Statewide fee schedules that control the cost of required medical and expense services allocated to claims.
  • Objective standards for determining permanent disability and apportionment to the actual causes of disability.
  • Medical treatment that is consistent with evidence-based, peer-reviewed and nationally recognized standards of care, enforced by medical professionals through utilization review and independent medical review.
  • Streamlining the system to minimize expensive and unnecessary litigation, including information to injured workers that is relevant and easy to understand.
  • Vigorous efforts to reduce or eliminate fraud within the workers’ compensation system, perpetrated by any party to the system.

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.