Tort Liability Platform

CAJPA supports legislation that facilitates the use of public agency funds for their intended purpose of providing services to the communities.  CAJPA supports legislation that restores the immunities from tort claims and reduces the liabilities of public agencies. 

CAJPA Supports:

  • Establish maximum limitations on general damages.
  • Eliminate joint liability as it applies to economic damages.
  • Establish the use of actual medical expenses incurred as proof for general as well as special damages.
  • Restrict or eliminate the application of the rule against collateral sources as a means of reducing damages.
  • Restore the immunities restricted or eliminated by legislation or judiciary decisions.
  • Maintain, to the extent it exists, and regain, where it has been eliminated, the right of public agencies to contractually transfer the risk of loss.

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.