Safety / Loss Control Platform

CAJPA closely monitors legislative activity and takes positions on proposed legislation that could impact our member public entities.  The CAJPA Safety/Loss Control Subcommittee monitors those bills and issues that could impact the safety and health of our employees and the general public.

CAJPA Supports:

  • Legislation that seeks to establish consistency between state and federal standards.
  • Legislation that seeks to coordinate federal and state hazardous materials programs in order to maintain efficiency and fairness.
  • Health standards and safety regulations that protect the health and welfare of employees and the general public.
  • Use of insurance wrap-up programs to facilitate loss control.
  • Efforts to provide review of and comment on standards being considered by the Cal-OSHA Standards Board.
  • Efforts to establish and maintain non-arbitrary, scientifically based ergonomic standards.
  • Legislation that prohibits enforcement of Cal-OSHA violations as criminal matters, or would authorize Cal-OSHA to be the sole enforcer of its own regulations.

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.