Joint Powers Authority Platform

CAJPA strongly supports the ability of local governmental entities to form Joint Powers Authorities.  We recognize that when JPAs are formed with an eye towards common geographic, functional and philosophical needs, it allows entities to more efficiently deliver services that meet the needs of the people we serve.  The savings of tax dollars, through the use of economies of scale, allow the individual JPA members to deliver a higher level of basic services, such as education, public safety and infrastructure maintenance, to its primary benefactors, the community and its taxpayers.  As a result of the benefits JPAs provide to their members and constituents, CAJPA advocates the following to preserve and strengthen the JPA concept:

CAJPA Supports:

  • Broadening of the ability of JPAs to prudently invest their funds and purchase goods and services.

CAJPA Opposes:

  • Local, state or federal law or regulation that would lessen JPAs’ authority or inhibit their ability to lawfully deliver goods and services to their members.
  • Local, state or federal law or regulations that directly or indirectly increase the cost to JPAs and their members.

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.