Health Care Platform

CAJPA supports a managed competition approach with a system of regionally empowered Joint Powers Authorities.  These JPAs will pool their member risks to enable cost control through proven managed care measures.  With the growth of JPAs, claims and associated risk becomes predictable and utilization can stabilize.

CAJPA views these regional authorities as encouraging a more competitive market system and will ultimately prove to be more effective than a regulatory approach.

CAJPA Supports:

  • Consistent monitoring and use of cost containment procedures.
  • Expansion of e-technologies to include a universal billing concept, electronic medical files, etc.
  • Legislation against direct consumer advertising of prescriptions and supports the AMA's opposition to this advertising.
  • Legislation to ensure monetary rebates from drug companies are free of conflicts of interest.

CAJPA Opposes:

  • Unfunded governmental mandates on health coverage.
  • Any significant increase in governmental bureaucracy.
  • New or expanded federal or state entitlement programs.
  • Unfunded and poorly drafted Single Payor legislation.

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.