Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works in tandem with the Legislative Advocate to establish, monitor and advocate legislative issues on behalf of CAJPA and its members. The Legislative Committee keeps CAJPA members apprised of key bills and regulatory issues, and mobilizes support as needed. To ensure that all issues with potential to impact CAJPA members are reviewed, the committee is divided into subcommittees based on subject areas of interest: health care, joint powers authorities, loss control, tort liability and workers’ compensation. The committee is comprised of 15 volunteer members who are subject matter experts in their respective areas. The Legislative Committee meets five times per year and is responsible for:

  • Reviewing pertinent legislation and regulations and taking appropriate positions
  • Prioritizing and directing CAJPA resources toward lobbying efforts
  • Meeting with legislators and their staff to advocate for CAJPA and its members
  • Working with government agencies on regulatory matters of importance to CAJPA
  • Reviewing ideas for CAJPA-sponsored legislation and making recommendations to the Board
  • Keeping the Board and membership informed on important legislative and regulatory issues
  • Working with other employer and public sector groups as part of a coalition

Legislative Committee

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  • Norman Lefmann, Chair, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)
  • Jackie Miller, Vice Chair, Bickmore
  • Rose Burcina, Redwood Empire Schools Insurance Group (RESIG)
  • Robin Flint, ACWA JPIA
  • Robert Greenfield, ACWA JPIA
  • Lois Gormley, Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF)
  • Robin Johnson, Law Office of Robin Johnson
  • Beth Lyons, Risk Pool Administrators
  • Jeanette Mason, Athens Administrators
  • David McGhee, BETA Healthcare Group
  • Terrie Norris, York Risk
  • Brooks Rice, Shasta-Trinity SIG
  • Jeff Rush, California JPIA
  • Debra Russell, Schools Insurance Authority
  • Dan Sanger, Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs (ASCIP)
  • Craig Schweikhard, SMCSIG
  • Janet Selby, NBSIA
  • John Stenerson, Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC)
  • Cindy Wilkerson, Schools Insurance Group


  • Faith Lane

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.