CAJPA Legislative Committee Update

The California State Legislature’s 2019 legislative year has ended, the first of a two-year session. As you know, CAJPA’s Legislative Committee worked hard again this year to represent its members in the law-making arena, although this time was of particular challenge.
For 2019, the Committee reviewed nearly 400 bills out of over 2,600 introduced. Fifty bills were ultimately positioned, with 27 deemed to be of key importance to CAJPA’s members.
Overall, CAJPA is pleased with the outcomes, despite the unfortunate signing of AB 218 by the Governor. Below is a list of all key bill positions and results following the Governor's deadline to sign or veto bills earlier this week. The breakdown of "wins and losses" is by the Committee’s five subcommittees.
Thank you for your ongoing support of CAJPA and its Legislative Committee. Should you have any questions regarding CAJPA’s legislative efforts or the bills below, please contact Norm Lefmann, Legislative Committee Chair at


  • AB 290 support, chaptered, win
  • AB 651 support, chaptered, win
  • AB 824 support, chaptered, win
  • AB 1249 oppose, vetoed, win

 Safety and Loss Control

  • AB 302 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • AB 891 oppose, veto, win
  • SB 338 support, chaptered, win

Joint Powers Authorities

  • AB 315 oppose, held in rules committee, win
  • AB 891 oppose, veto, win
  • AB 1353 oppose, chaptered, loss
  • SB 266 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • SB 355 support, chaptered, win

Workers’ Compensation

  • AB 346 oppose, veto, win
  • AB 932 oppose unless amended, held as 2-year bill, win
  • AB 1107 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • AB 1400 neutral, chaptered, win
  • SB 416 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • SB 542 oppose, chaptered, loss 
  • SB 567 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • SB 731 support if amended, held as a 2-year bill, win 

Tort Liability

  • AB 9 oppose, chaptered, loss
  • AB 206 support, chaptered, win
  • AB 218 oppose, chaptered, loss 
  • AB 403 oppose, vetoed, win
  • AB 628 oppose, held as 2-year bill, win
  • AB 749 oppose, chaptered, loss
  • AB 891 oppose, vetoed, win
  • AB 1595 support/sponsor, chaptered, win

If you’re interested in CAJPA’s legislative activities or joining the CAJPA Legislative Committee, please contact the Committee Chair Norman Lefmann.