Accreditation Process

Accreditation Options

Accreditation is open to JPAs that are members of CAJPA. The CAJPA Accreditation Program offers two options for California JPAs:

  1. Accreditation - The accreditation review is a goal, which all JPAs should achieve. The process entails a detailed examination of the JPA’s legal and operational documents, risk management, loss control and claims programs and statutory compliance.
  2. Pre-Accreditation Review - This option allows the potential accreditation applicant to submit to a preliminary review by the Accreditation Manager/Consultant. This preliminary review does not include a site visit. The results of this review are provided directly to the JPA and are not submitted to the Accreditation Committee for action. Any deficiencies are detailed and the necessary corrective action is recommended in order to bring the JPA into compliance with the Accreditation Standards.

If the JPA elects to proceed with the full accreditation process within three months after completion of the Pre-Accreditation Review, 100 percent of the fee paid for the pre-accreditation review is applied to the full accreditation study.

Forms and Resources

  • Includes information regarding Accreditation Options, Application Process, Estimated Time for Accreditation Review and Cost

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Accredited with Excellence


The list of Accredited JPAs was current at the time it was published. Additional JPAs may be in the process of accreditation or re-accreditation and may not appear in this listing. Please contact the CAJPA office for a current list.