Accreditation Committee

The CAJPA Accreditation Committee meets six times per year to review Accreditation applications and make recommendations regarding standards, fees and consultant contracts. The Committee is comprised of seven volunteers who are knowledgeable about JPA management and technical expertise. The Accreditation Committee is responsible for:

  • Promoting professional management and fiscally sound practices of California JPAs
  • Providing industry standards that can be used by member entities, Board members, and the public in evaluating levels of performance and compliance with State required and commonly accepted practices
  • Developing a self-regulating process that is more thorough, responsive and less expensive to the tax paying public than State or Federal regulations

Accreditation Committee Members

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Michael Fleming, Chair, CSAC Excess Insurance Authority
Kimberly Dennis, Alameda County Schools Insurance Group (ACSIG)
Jim Gross, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)
Rick Jenkins, Schools Insurance Authority (SIA)
Brooks Rice, Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group
Bridget Moore, Contra Costa County SIG (CCCSIG)
Jennifer Peters, Golden State Risk Management Authority
Martin Brady, Schools Insurance Authority (SIA)
Carl Sandstrom, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)


Robin Johnson, Consultant, Law Office of Robin Johnson
Jim Marta, Program Manager, James Marta & Company
Carol Wells, Consultant, Specialty Risk Solutions, LLC
Curtis Stephan, Consultant

Are you interested in joining the Accreditation Committee? Contact the Accreditation Committee Chair for information on how you can get involved.

Accredited with Excellence


The list of Accredited JPAs was current at the time it was published. Additional JPAs may be in the process of accreditation or re-accreditation and may not appear in this listing. Please contact the CAJPA office for a current list.