Technology Committee

Technology Committee

CAJPA’s Technology Committee is a great resource to the association and it provides members with technological guidance and direction. The Committee serves as a forum for communication between CAJPA member, technology staff and members. The Technology Committee communicates with members about technology available to JPAs and related compliance issues. Each member of the Technology Committee is involved with or has a job-related interested in technology for pooling organizations. As part of its education offerings, the Technology Committee and the Finance Committee work together to host the spring Finance & Technology Workshop.

2016 Technology Committee

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Carl Sandstrom, Chair, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)
George Reynolds, Vice Chair, CSAC Excess Insurance Authority
Maria Cantera, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority (NBSIA)
Sam Gabal, Origami Risk
Rick Jenkins, Schools Insurance Authority (SIA)
Rick Krepelka, Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA)
Lam Le, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)
Tommy Le, Washington Schools Risk Management Pool
Dan Low, Schools Insurance Authority (SIA)
Allen Partlow, Santa Clara County Schools' Insurance Group (SCCSIG)
Martin Ronquillo, ASCIP
Bill Scribner, Alpha Fund
Chris Shaffer, ARM/P, MCSE, York Insurance Services Group
Ritesh Sharma, James Marta & Company
Fred Treffinger, Bickmore Risk Services

Are you a JPA technology professional interested in joining the Technology Committee? Contact the Technology Committee Chair for more information.